The humanitarian sector must adapt and evolve to cope with the scale and nature of the humanitarian crises of today. H2H is a vibrant network of humanitarian entrepreneurs, who day by day are engineering new solutions and services that enable the humanitarian sector to perform better. H2H means ‘Humanitarian to Humanitarian’, a term inspired by the ‘Business to Business’ (B2B) concept in the private sector.


    70% of us have less than 20 staff

  • LEAN

    Most of us cost less than USD 1 million a year

  • Agile

    We all adapt and innovate on our feet

What do we do

H2H deliver a wide variety of services within five areas

We provide services such as information management, logistics, security management, assessment, GIS and others


We are natural networkers and foster linkages within and outside the humanitarian sector.


Innovation is part of our DNA. We are small agile and can quickly pilote idea, adapt them and take them to scale.

Capacity Development

We strengthen the capacity fo the humanitarians sector through training, technical assistance and secondments of specialised staff.

Enabling Environment

We create an enabling environment for humanitarian response by working with lessons, tools, systems and standards that help the wider system to adopt proven methodologies.

H2H Members

Growing by the day


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